Create custom items for your Articles in MobAppCreator

Articles are a quick and flexible tool to show your contents. You can use them to show News, Services, products, features and much more.

Usually Articles manage information such as Title, Subtitle, Descriptions, images, tags.

But there is much more to articles!

You have a suite of additional tools and items you can add and integrate into your articles. Just scroll down to the bottom of your Articles and click on "ADD ELEMENT"

This will display a new set of tools available

Label Creates a title to separate sections of your article.

Rich Text Adds additional blocks of text to your article.

Events lets you to add Events to your article entry. Events have a start date. The app user will be able to add the event to this calendar with one click.

Pictures, and Gallery will allow you to upload single or multiple images to your Article.

Features, allows you to describe a list of properties or elements on your articles

Tags allow you to categorize your articles

Click to Screen will let you link another screen within any Article. This is a powerful way to add additional content to your articles by linking entire screens.

Add a Youtube video within your Articles. Just add your video URL or video ID and the system will import all the metadata.

You can also add a map location to your article. This will also allow the app to show directions to that location.

You can also add MP3 Audio files to your articles, this can be useful for supplemental material and audiobook samples. You also have a separate screen dedicated to audio and podcasts.

Additionally you can add an integration to actions like:

  • Click to Email

  • Click to Call

  • Click to SMS

  • Click to WhatsApp

  • Click to Web

  • Click to App

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