Before you start building apps, you should be aware of the criteria Apple uses to review your app. Apple only allows high quality apps to its App Store and therefore could easily reject your app if you’re not careful.

This article describes the most common reasons for rejection, and what to do when app is denied access to the App Store.

Mention other supported platforms
Does your app also run on Android, which is the case with most MobApp Creator apps? Please don’t mention it in your app or in the app description. This restriction also counts for the other app stores. Advertise your multi-platform ability on a website, not in your app.

Use Apple trademarks and logo’s
Do not use Apple or iOS logo’s and trademarks in your app. Not even a drawing of an iPhone.
The use of trademarked material almost guarantees your app will be rejected. Even Apps that misspell Apple product names in their App name will be rejected.

Your menu is an iOS springboard copy

Like the iOS springboard? Just don’t copy it for your navigation menu of your. Make sure it doesn’t even look like it. MobApp Creator offers you tons of design features to make your own unique design.

Link to outside payment schemes
Apple does not allows payments for digital content or donations from within your app. This may only be done through the user’s iTunes account, or in the Safari browser. Charitable donations may also be done with an SMS.
Selling merchandise or other non-digital products is allowed from within your app. So you can use your app to sell your products, as long as they’re not digital. Talk to us if you plan to sell digital goods or services an we will provide you with support before publishing your app.

Beta or unfinished apps
Your app should be finished completely before submitting it to the App Store. If you use the words beta, test or preview in your app or app description, you’re app may be rejected. Don’t put empty pages in your app. You are always able to watch your new app live with MobApp Creator's Previewer.

Bugs, crashes, bad performance
All apps in the App Store should function perfectly and should behave as advertised. Apple does not want to bother users with bad apps or apps that work differently than their description says. Apps that crash regularly will also be rejected.

Read the complete App Store Review Guidelines.

What to do when Apple rejects your app?

Don’t worry. Simply contact us. We help you solving the issue and resubmit your app to the App Store.

How to avoid a rejection

In addition to having zero tolerance, Apple also takes relatively long to review an app, so, to protect yourself and ensure that all runs smoothly, follow these precautions listed below:

Get to work well in advance (especially if you have to respect an important deadline) by opening an Apple Developer Account, this operation can take up to 24 hours if it's a personal account, and even longer if it's for a company. 

Your app is reviewed by an Apple Auditor team and you are guaranteed a response within 7 to 20 days. Lately Apple has managed to decrease the waiting time by quite a bit, you rarely wait over 5 days.

All this to say you mustn't wait till the day you need the app to be published to submit it! If you want to publish it on a specific day you can also send it even one month ahead and choose the option to publish it on a specific date.

2. Read the App Store Review Guidelines  carefully. It may not be the most interesting thing to read, but it's a medicine and therefore, it must be swallowed. You will learn for example that it is strictly forbidden to insert logos or trademarks from Apple or any third parties; that it's forbidden to refer to other people without their authorization and that you may use localization options only if they are strictly necessary to the function of the app, etc.

3. Pay attention to the design and user experience, it is no less important than content. Ask a friend to test your app and let you know what he thinks, how easy it was to browse through it and whatnot. You will immediately find out if your app is intuitive or if it needs some adjustments.

4. Test the Draft version using the Previewer multiple times, this is an exact copy of the app you will send to the store, it allows you to discover little bugs before apple does.

5. Fill out all the metadata correctly on iTunes Connect; Put the right tags and images, If your app includes content that is for adults only, such as sex or alcohol, remember to mention this, otherwise it will be rejected, make sure that the URLs work correctly. Everything must be clear and transparent for the final user. 

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