Allowing users to register to your app creates a more engaging experience and with your audience.

You can have total control and decide who can access your entire app or just secure some sections of your app.

Allowing users to register to your app is really simple, just add the "settings" screen from the screen collection

Then activate the "Show login option" switch

Now is time to decide which parts of your app will be public and which will require to sign in.

To configure this, just go to Settings - > Security -> Protected Screens and indicate the screens you wish to require registration to access

You can select the "Requires sign in at startup" option to force all users to sign in in order to view any content within your app.

Note: Requiring sign in for all content is not recommended since your users will not be able to try any section of your app before registering and this might have a negative impact on your app reviews. Additionally the stores do not recommend this practice.

Give it a try, any input you have would be great! 👍

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